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Why Come to CSNY?

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, you’ll want to know your options and who is best to do the procedure. What is best for you and who should perform the procedure?  Picking a procedure and a plastic surgeon can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be.

We at Cosmetic Surgery of New York thank you for reading our publication and want to take a moment to tell you why we think we may be a choice worth considering- and choosing. We offer experienced doctors, up to date on the latest procedures, with a track record as well as time as leaders in the profession. We are board certified general cosmetic surgeons who will give you an honest assessment of your situation. Then we will give you a program tailored to your desires and budget. We’re not here to sell products or impose ideas. We are here to give you access to the most advanced options that can benefit you the most and be best for you.

We hope you will choose us, if you choose to have a procedure, but we also believe you should go through a careful process. Here are the steps we think you should take in picking a plastic surgeon. We think a careful process will show you why Cosmetic Surgery of New York may be the right choice for you. And we believe this process, regardless of your choice, that should help you get to the place and the results you want.


Make sure a surgeon is properly accredited. We at Cosmetic Surgery of New York are accredited by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Make sure any other personnel, such as anesthesiologists also are properly accredited. And be sure the facility being used is accredited. Our facilities are accredited to the highest level, giving you assurances that we meet the highest standards in terms of doctors, personnel and the place where work is being done.


You will want to consult with cosmetic surgeons to find out what can be done and, of course, who will do it. We offer free consultations with our physicians where we find out your goals, tolerance for downtime and budget. Make sure a consultation is designed to provide you with information and insight. You should leave aware of options you won’t pick, as well as any you will.


Experience is key and our doctors have been cosmetic surgeons for decades. Dr. Hillard Warm worked as chief of plastic surgery at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital and Dr. Robert Jacobs was chief of plastic surgery at St. Charles Hospital. Hospitals picked our doctors as chiefs, which should be one recommendation to reassure you.


Bedside manner and culture matter as well as surgical and other skills. You should be treated well through the entire process. Come in, tell us what you want and let us give our assessment and tell you what we recommend for you. We treat every patient with respect and understand some have more wherewithal and some have more limited means. We do our best so everyone gets the best for their situation. We seek to accommodate you in a time frame works best for you. Since we own our own operating facility, scheduling is easier and quicker.


We think the more you find out about Cosmetic Surgery of New York, the easier the choice will be.  We can provide you with the right physician, the right procedure and the right place at the right time. We have experienced, capable and kind staff who help support us in treating people right.  If you do choose us, you will be in good company. Patients come from all over from near our offices, across New York, New Jersey and Florida. Find out why so many people have picked Cosmetic Surgery of New York. Come in for a fee consultation and let us bring our perspective to you.

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