Helping Lips Reach Their Full Potential


Your lips can reach their "full potential" with Volbella, a new dermal filler that is at Cosmetic Surgery of New York in Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Volbella is uniquely designed to restore natural-looking lip volume and precisely define your lip contours, resulting in a smooth, hydrated and natural-looking mouth area.

Volbella is formulated with an innovative technology that keeps swelling to a minimum and is the only dermal filler clinically proven to last up to 12 months with a single treatment, longer than any other dermal fillers available today.

Volbella's super-fine needles reduce swelling and bruising significantly, plus Volbella contains Lidocaine, a painkilling anesthetic, making this procedure virtually painless.

Immediately after the procedure, your lips will look naturally enhanced, hydrated and smooth, and you can return to your normal routine right away, without any telltale bruising or swelling.

Until now, there was no solution available for smoothing vertical "smoker's lines," but Volbella erases those lines immediately due to its soft and moldable properties that gives a subtle and natural-looking fuller lip.

Allergan developed this revolutionary filler specifically to avoid tell-tale "duck-lips," making this the only filler on the market that can deliver natural results, painlessly and without swelling or bruising.