Mother's Day Special

This mother's day let the lasers do all the work

A package value of over $700 -

Mother's Day Special Offer: Only $479! 

Save over ($220!)



1st Visit

Triple Threat Signature Skin Treatment

A three-in-one peel with no down time created by Cosmetic Surgery of New York’s Medical Aesthetician Anne-Marie Bellavia. The Peel will stimulate the collagen production, lift, tone and reduce fine lines!



Ultra C Parisian Peel

This treatment will hydrate and firm the skin. Microdermabrasion is used in conjunction with Vitamin C, which is applied with ultra sound to penetrate the skin. This treatment will target damage from sun exposure, poor diet, and daily stress-elements which can trigger the release of “free radicals” causing premature aging of the skin. The naturally super-charged antioxidant of Vitamin C supports skin’s natural metabolism. This is especially important for those cells producing collagen.



Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Lip or Chin

Your choice! This introductory procedure will uncover touchable skin using the most advanced treatments for laser hair removal available today!



Long Island Beauty Makeover

A visit to the Beauty Bar for your makeover begins with Skin-Matched Long Island Beauty Foundation custom blended just for you along with a color-matched lipstick!


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