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Long Island Beauty
Medical Grade Skincare

Welcome to Long Island Beauty, where science meets luxury in our meticulously crafted medical-grade skincare products. Our mission is simple: to unveil your skin's natural radiance through innovative formulas backed by scientific research.

Indulge in a skincare experience like no other as you explore our curated collection of advanced treatments, designed to address your unique skin concerns with precision and care. From potent serums to rejuvenating creams, each product is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to deliver unparalleled results.


At Long Island Beauty, we understand that achieving flawless skin is not just about looking good, but feeling confident in your own skin. That's why we prioritize safety and efficacy in every product we create, ensuring that you can trust us with your most precious asset – your skin.

Whether you're combating fine lines, battling blemishes, or simply seeking a luminous glow, let Long Island Beauty be your trusted partner on your skincare journey. Elevate your routine with our medical-grade skincare solutions and discover the transformative power of healthy, radiant skin.

Experience the Long Island Beauty difference today. Your skin deserves nothing less.

Anne-Marie Bellavia,
Medical Aesthetician and Skin Care Coordinator

Anne-Marie Bellavia, Medical Aesthetician and Skin Care Coordinator, has been with Cosmetic Surgery of New York, PC  for more than twenty years. With over 30 years of experience in the field of clinical skin care, her expertise has earned her a reputation as a trusted and sought-after skin care professional.

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