July Special Offer

Don't sweat the big stuff. don't sweat the small stuff. Don't sweat at all


RECEIVE A Special $300 discount

for our Painless miraDry Technique!


miraDry® is a new generation of technology that is only available in physician's offices for the reduction of sweat and odor glands for people bothered by their underarm sweat.  The treatment is performed in-office, in about an hour,  with minimal or no downtime.

Receive a Long Island Beauty Sunscreen at your complimentary consultation and get a special discount on our Exclusive Painless Technique! 


Get a Complimentary consultation today And Stop sweating tomorrow.

To learn more about the miraDry® procedure, please call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members or to schedule a consultation. Freedom from excessive sweat and odor is just a few steps away!


 Offer expires 7/31/18.

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