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Before & After Photos

As certified plastic surgeons, we undergo rigorous training and are held to higher standards when showcasing our professional work. As a practice, we do not post our patients before and after photos online because: 

  1. Respect for patient privacy: Cosmetic surgery is a highly personal and often sensitive matter for patients. Some patients may not want their photos shared publicly, even if they've consented to the surgery itself. Respecting patient privacy is a priority for us at CSNY.

  2. Professional ethics: We adhere to ethical guidelines that prioritize patient well-being and dignity. Patients may feel that showcasing before and after photos could be perceived as exploiting patients for marketing purposes or focusing too much on aesthetics rather than the medical aspect of the procedure.

  3. Managing expectations: Before and after photos can sometimes create unrealistic expectations for potential patients. Cosmetic surgery outcomes vary based on individual factors such as anatomy, healing ability, and surgical technique. By not displaying photos, we aim to emphasize the importance of realistic expectations and individualized treatment plans.

  4. Legal considerations: There could be legal implications associated with sharing patient photos, particularly if proper consent procedures aren't followed or if patient identities are not adequately protected.

  5. Focus on qualifications and expertise: We prefer to emphasize their qualifications, experience, and approach to patient care rather than relying on before and after photos to attract clients. We believe that our reputation and patient testimonials are more indicative of our skills and results.

  6. Professional discretion: We choose not to display before and after photos as a matter of professional discretion, feeling that it's more respectful to patients and aligns better with our personal and professional values.

During your consultation, we're happy to provide before and after photos, demonstrating outcomes, and assisting you in making well-informed decisions regarding your procedure.

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