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Smart Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. today. As technology improves and minimally invasive techniques become more abundant, more and more people are making the decision to undergo body contouring procedures.

SmartLipo™ is one of the most advanced liposuction procedures available, using laser energy to melt away fat in a technique known as laser liposculpture. SmartLipo is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that produces effective results as a new alternative to both traditional and tumescent liposuction.


Smart Liposuction Procedure

Before the SmartLipo procedure, your doctor will mark the targeted fatty areas and confirm each of them with you. SmartLipo uses a 1064-nm Nd: YAG laser that is inserted into the skin through a tiny cannula (tube) and delivered directly to the targeted area. The laser energy simultaneously melts fat cells, removing stubborn fat, and tightens the surrounding skin for slimmed, smoothed results. The fat is then suctioned out. The laser energy also results in less bleeding and faster healing and recovery times.


SmartLipo is best for individuals who are in good overall health and close to their ideal weight. It may be used to remove stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to traditional diet and exercise.
It is important to have realistic expectations before undergoing the SmartLipo procedure and to remember that it cannot be used as a means of drastic weight loss, but rather sculpts and smoothes the body.


Most patients enjoy a quick recovery from the SmartLipo procedure. There are no stitches that need to be removed. Some patients experience mild bruising and numbness that usually subsides within a few days. Your doctor will provide specific instructions on how to care for yourself after the SmartLipo procedure.


The results of SmartLipo are visible immediately after the procedure and will continue to improve for up to three months after. Along with removing localized fat, SmartLipo also tightens and smoothes the skin. These results can be permanent as long as patients maintain their healthy weight.


As with any procedure, there are certain risks and side effects associated with the SmartLipo procedure. The experience of our doctors and overall safety of the procedure help minimize any potential risks. Talk to you doctor about the risks and any other concerns you may have about this procedure before deciding if SmartLipo is right for you.

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