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Is plastic surgery right
for me?

At Cosmetic Surgery of New York, PC you and your physician will discuss the options available to you, both surgical and non-surgical. Your anatomy, as determined by your physical examination, will help to guide you. Alternatives exist that may be more suitable to you and may not require surgery at all.

Can more than one procedure be performed at the same time?

It depends upon the procedures. Combining surgeries can save time and money and also provide your surgeon the opportunity to have the procedures “work in concert” with each other. However, do not assume this will always be the case. There are several important variables that must be considered. As with all patients, decisions of this nature are always made on a case-by-case basis.

Is age a factor when considering surgery?

Generally speaking, age does not play a factor. For our older patients, your overall medical condition will determine what is appropriate and what type of anesthesia is best. For children, each procedure has an optimal age range. If age is a factor, your doctor will advise you during consultation.

What takes place duringmy consultation?

Upon your visit to our office, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your goals and the changes you wish to take place. A brief medical history will be taken. The doctor will explain the procedure, outline risks and viable options, and if applicable, demonstrate a “virtual before and after” through the use of photography and computer imaging. You will have the opportunity to ask and receive answers to any questions you may have.

How long does it take to recovery from my procedure?

Depending upon the procedure and individual, recovery times vary. What may take a week for one patient may take two for another. In general, bruising takes a few days to dissipate and swelling may take up to a few weeks. Rest and limited activity are the norm and are very important to speed healing and reduce recovery time. Regardless of the procedure, it is very important to follow the specific post-operative instructions provided by your doctor.

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