Quick Fixes That Are PERMANENT

[fa icon="calendar"] May 16, 2017 3:24:44 PM / by Cosmetic Surgery of New York / SculpSure Non Invasive Body Contouring

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Each year Innovative Procedures flood the market… some are effective and beneficial while others… not so much. The Quick has become the “go to” solutions in today’s world… which is OK, …but sometimes the end result is a more costly and in-efficient way to achieve a long term result. When choosing the procedures that are right for you, your body and your budget there is a lot to consider:

Is it truly worth the time, effort and money?
Will the quick fix really get me the results I desire?
Is a more permanent solution better way in the long run?

Introducing two of what I see as “hybrid” treatments in the 2016 Beauty Market… combining Quick Fixes that are PERMANENT! Finally!

Hello SculpSure!!! Finally! A non-invasive body contouring system for the permanent reduction of stubborn fat cells in areas such as the abdomen and love handles! That’s right … PERMANENT… and … it’s a 25-minute procedure! Permanently destroyed fat cells are ELIMINATED from your body resulting in a slimmer more contoured appearance!

As if it couldn’t be more exciting… this procure requires no down time, there are no unsightly “Butter stick bruises “ or “Shark Bite” marks from other methods of fat freezing and elimination. Pair that with the fact that the parent company is none other than CYNOSURE the inventors of “SMART LIPO”… a trusted name in Liposuction for over 10 Years…

Now that your silhouette is smoking hot… One thing you wont have to worry about over heating .

Good-bye Sweat!!! miraDry is a new generation of technology that is ONLY available in your physicians office. Again…offering a quick fix for permanent results! In as little as one hour and one treatment this FDA approved device offers the PERMINANT REDUCTION of sweat and odor glands in those that are bothered by underarm sweat. But that’s not all… you will also notice a 75% reduction in hair growth and the ability to discard the use of toxic antiperspirants and deodorants.

SO… If your considering treatments that will save time, money , the hassle of dealing with sweat stains and wiggling into your pre holiday jeans… these two solutions are Quick fixes with LASTING results! The perfect way to quickly combat a problem FOR Ever!!!