What to Expect During Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

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What to Expect During Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Age may just be a number, but that doesn’t mean your skin needs to reveal yours. Laser skin resurfacing can visibly turn back the hands of time on aging skin: eliminating or reducing facial wrinkles, scars, and blemishes. As a non-invasive procedure, laser skin resurfacing is a great treatment to smooth your skin.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is the rejuvenation of skin through a variety of methods.


Lasers can treat many different areas of the skin and is used to decrease or eliminate wrinkles, scars and the size of enlarged pores.  Your skin tone can also be improved if you have sun damage or melasma. Age spots and spider veins can also be eliminated with a series of laser treatments. 

Non-Ablative Resurfacing is usually done by a medical aesthetician.  These treatments heat the deeper layers of skin to stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin.  The outer layer of skin is unaffected by the laser, so there is no downtime and recovery is minimal to none. 

Pigmented and vascular lesion treatment

There are several types of lasers that can be used for this treatment, which can remove or reduce the appearance of pigmented lesions like brown spots and broken capillaries and is also used to treat acne and acne scarring. 


During this treatment an intense beam of light energy is directed at your skin. The laser removes thin layers of skin and is usually performed using a local anesthetic.  As the skin heals, new skin forms that is tighter and smoother, thereby reducing wrinkles and any acne scarring and improves the skin tone. 

Although uncommon, risks may include: scarring, redness, infection, or changes to skin pigmentation and should be discussed with your doctor at your consultation.

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