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2018 Beauty Trends

Written by Cosmetic Surgery of New York | Feb 9, 2018 3:29:00 PM
Individual beauty is a trend that's here to stay. As new procedures, products, treatments and techniques are introduced, we wanted to keep our readers up-to-date on the most popular beauty trends predicted for 2018.

OUT: Cool Sculpting

IN: Sculpsure

SculpSure’s popularity has increased significantly, because it works! With results after just one treatment and the ability to treat up to four areas at a time in under 30 minutes, SculpSure is “hot” for 2018! The “Ice Age” is over!

OUT: Sweating, Antiperspirants and Deodorants.

IN: miraDry

The  only proven treatment to stop sweating permanently is miraDry. No other treatment comes close to giving the resuls that miraDry delivers, in as little as one treatment! No more embarrassing sweat stains means a more confident you!

OUT: Double Chins

IN: One Chin

A beautiful profile can be yours with little or no downtime! We offer three proven ways to eliminate a double chin and sculpt your jawline at the same time: Kybella, SculpSure for the chin or a  non-surgical Threadlift!

OUT: Waxing and Shaving
IN: Elite+

The Elite+ Laser Hair Removal System is a game-changer. With two types of lasers on the same handpiece, our aesthetician can double your results, in half the time! There’s nothing else like the Elite+ Laser for fast and permanent results!